Smart Fortwo Brabus — Everyone is looking for a great car and the smart fortwo BRABUS is a must have. It is a joint venture between smart and BRABUS, providing the best of both worlds in one great looking, small package that has more under the hood than one would ordinarily imagine. It’s not the size that counts, it’s what it’s capable of doing that is important.

The turbo gas engine of the smart fortwo BRABUS doesn’t leave anything to be desired in terms of performance. It has the sports exhaust as well as a rear apron in the same color as the body panel. The emissions are low and the fuel efficiency is high – a perfect combination to being “green” as well as keeping the cost of petrol very affordable.

Looking at the smart fortwo BRABUS, there are also some design elements that are quite impressive. The front spoiler and side shirts help to make it look a little more aggressive. The body panel color is maintained throughout all of these features to keep the solidarity in place. There are also H7 darkened projection headlamps, alloy wheels and a sports suspension which lowers the vehicle just slightly compared to the other smart fortwo models.

102 horsepower on the engine ensures that the smart fortwo BRABUS is capable of all legal speeds on the road and will get to an impressive 62 mph in just 8.9 seconds. The dynamic performance is what has helped put the BRABUS on the map and why more and more people are looking at this car when they want an affordable means of transportation that is also capable of handling the turns ad speeds that are necessary on some roads.

The interior is also a bit more luxurious than some of the other smart cars on the market. The smart fortwo BRABUS has leather seats, a leather steering wheel as well as a leather gear knob. There is instrument panel and door trim with contrasting components with an aluminum look and much more. There are also a number of options and accessories that can be added to personalize the vehicle to your needs and taste.

In terms of safety, the smart fortwo contains safety features that you would only expect to see in a luxury vehicle that’s twice as expensive. 8 airbags strategically placed, anti-lock brakes, esp (electronic stability protection) for traction control and much more ensure that you are as safe as possible on the roads – even if you have a collision with a larger passenger car.

The smart fortwo BRABUS simply does not get any smarter. It’s smart in regards to price, features and performance, making it the car to own for all of the right reasons.