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smart-plugin-hybrid Comments Off on smart Ultra Urban Cruising…MHD (micro hybrid drive)

smart Ultra Urban Cruising…MHD (micro hybrid drive)

Ultra Urban Cruising Champ A noble experiment, 2008’s newly designed “city commuter” vehicles was said to be coming to the US in increasing numbers, when

August 05, 2016 Smart ED
2016 SmartForTwo-orange 0

New from the Wheels up for the 2016 smart fortwo

Despite lackluster, make that minuscule, U.S. sales, Daimler’s Smart car soldiers on in a period of lower gasoline prices and rising crossover and SUV deliveries.

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Fashion-forward… Smart Enthusiast…

Smart car owners will have the ability to match up their vehicle with their wardrobe – along with other things. Daimler and smart GmbH are 

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smart fortwo pure coupe…

The smart fortwo pure coupe… is produced to get you and the occasional passenger to your urban destination, safely and economically. This clever car focuses

December 17, 2011 Pure
red smart Comments Off on The Joys Of Driving A Smart Fortwo Cabriolet

The Joys Of Driving A Smart Fortwo Cabriolet

smart fortwo Cabriolet —There are very few cars on the road that offer safety, plentiful features as well as an affordable price sticker. That is

December 09, 2010 Smart - News - Info
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