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Answers to Your Top 5 Smart Car Questions…

Smart cars have been driving the streets of Europe for quite a while now, but when they first started to hit the United States in

July 54, 2016 Clever – Cars
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smart car electric drive – Very Smart – Green Too

So what could make the smart fortwo even more desirable than it already is for an inner city commuter? How about an all-electric smart ED

December 53, 2011 Smart ED
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smart Roadster – An Answer to Exotic Style and Fun

The smart Roadster If you are looking for an economical small car, there are lots of different options on the market. If you are a

December 20, 2011 Past - Future smart Models
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smart forfour – no more

the smart forfour – bigger isn’t always better Most American’s are barely aware the smart fortwo exists. Even fewer are aware smart, GmbH has manufactured

December 05, 2011 Past - Future smart Models
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Smart ForspeED EV Concept

Smart ForspeED EV Concept An impressive concept car design was recently released by the folks at Smart, a company best known in the EV world

December 56, 2011 Past - Future smart Models
smart- multi color= eye-catcher Comments Off on The Smart Car Passion Coupe Worthy of Consideration

The Smart Car Passion Coupe Worthy of Consideration

Smart Car Passion Coupe — Cars in today’s world seem to be getting bigger and bigger for no apparent reason. The parking spaces, however, aren’t

December 29, 2010 Smart - News - Info
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