The smart Roadster

If you are looking for an economical small car, there are red and smart styinglots of different options on the market. If you are a person who likes to have fun in the process of driving and, then the options become a bit more limited.

How about achieving the goals of economy, fun and independence in a handsome package? The best choice at that point may likely be buying a smart car – specifically the smart Roadster in this case. This Mercedes-Benz owned company produces these brightly colored cars with several variations and personal options, all of which are amazingly good for the environment.

The smart roadster is another car altogether. This blends the tight-fisted economy of the smart fortwo, which is pretty much perfect for busy city traffic, with handsome good lucks. Add a healthy dose of sportiness and the package is terrific.

If you need to go where finding decent parking is much like finding gold, and where people who commute are often stuck in some level of gridlock, the smart Roadster is just right.

The Smart Roadster and Smart Roadster Coupe were first seen at the Paris Auto Show in 2002. This was their international debut and, as when smart models were seen before, it was the same kind of crowd pleaser.

Both incarnations feature the smart Tridion safety capsule for occupants. The structure starts at the rollover bar and goes downward to separate the passenger area from the trunk and engine, which are located in the rear. The capsule continues to sweep under the doors and composes part of the front wheel arch.

The front of both models features a charcoal grey facade and identifies the car as having a tougher, less feminine appearance than might be typically considered for this kind of car. The interior of both cars is familiarly smart, and incorporates many of the same superb components in all smart models. Clever and space saving appointments consist of an armrest mounted on top of the brake and miniature rubber grips you grip to open the CD drawers in the center console.

The rear styling of the cars differ – the coupe has a glass paneled canopy that lifts to reveal a nicely-sized luggage area that can also hold the glass targa roof panels. The Roadster has a roof similar to the City Cabriolet. It rolls back along detachable side rails and stores on the underside of the rear compartment.

The smart Roadster bears a remarkable similarity to the little Lotus cars. This smart model is a really cheap and economical car for people who want to believe they are driving a sports car – at least in sprite.

Amazingly compact design means this Smart car can be parked at a right angle to the pavement without sticking out. This means that you can take advantage of a lot less space than nearly any other car on the market.

As the name would suggest, this is a small car that has only two seats in it. This makes it pretty much perfect for busy city traffic. That’s perfect for one of the most popular smart-models yet. Smart suspended production on the smart Roadsters in 2006.