Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe

The smart passion coupe offers the urban/city driver a complete package. It’s the high-end model for the smart brand and combines distinctive design with features that are usually found on expensive luxury vehicles.

The sales and service of these clever city microcars is now operated by Mercedes Benz USA and available in a coupe or sporty and fun cabriolet version. The Smart ForTwo is one of the most efficient gas-powered car sold in the US.

Smart cars price range varies.

The Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe model is the higher-end variant of the two available smart models being sold in the USA. The other being the smart fortwo pure model.

Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe is one fun city car. Offering unmatched agility in congested metropolitan areas and the room you’d except of a much larger and more costly car. Like all smart car’s their an acquired taste and not for everyone.

Like all things clever, the passion coupe requires patience—an appreciation of a smaller elegance of the slower things in life.

The passion coupe is both the smallest and shortest car on the road. Allowing for ease of parking. The smart passion is an antidote for the time-wasting exercise of finding a parking space.

The smart cars gas mileage for the smart passion is tantamount with the word efficiency. All smart cars are designed to do what it does while using less gas, less road and parking lot pavement than any other car.

Fuel stops for the smart passion are over nearly as soon as they begin. Seven gallons takes little time to refuel the gas tank. The smart has no need for a monstrous gas tank – this isn’t necessary in a car made to conquer the challenges of stylish and efficient urban commuting. Many view their Passion Coupe as a luxury micro-car.

With the up-level smart passion coupe you’ll get air conditioning, panoramic fixed sunroof, alloy wheels, and power windows and mirrors. With its plastic body panels, eight airbags, its safety cell, and standard features like air conditioning, a panoramic glass roof, power locks and window controls and a premium sound system with onboard navigation system as an option. Many view the Passion Coupe as a luxury micro-car.

The smart passion tracks straight on most any road, and feels solid and composed at city speeds.

In the smart passion coupe, you won’t zoom anywhere. But, you’ll certainly feel smarter getting there.

It is available in a coupe or cabriolet model. For those that are not careful, this car has a way of becoming an obsession.

It’s easy to see why the smart passion is so appropriately named. Owners tend to fall in love while having fun driving it – and while passing fuel stops with confident smirks. The smart passion will always raise eyebrows when entering a scene. This is a natural reaction to the fortwo.