Smart Fortwo Passion Cabriolet…

The smart car pure and passion variants can make almost everyone smile. The Smart Passion Cabriolet takes everything to the next level. It is a magnificent metropolitan micro-car that looks like it wants to have fun.

The Smart ForTwo Cabriolet is by and large one of the most fashionable vehicles on the road, but functions best in a city/urban locality. The Cabriolet Smart ForTwo is sporty in a non-traditional way and an tremendous approach to personal transport for overcrowded city centers.

Certainly the most notable characteristic is the convertible fabric soft-top. It includes a heated rear glass window, which can adjusted to several positions – while traveling at nearly any speed.

top goes down= fun goes up= smartThe smart cabriolet’s top can even be dropped at highway speeds with having to pull over and stop. It is the only car with a convertible (Cabriolet) top that can be utilize in this manner.

The removable side roof bars can be taken out and stored in a tailgate compartment, allowing the utmost visibility for the driver and a totally “open air” driving atmosphere.

Like the other variants in the smart car line, the smart convertible preserves the same fuel economy of 41 MPG on the highway and 33 MPG city. Keeping the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet true to its name.

The rear-mounted three-cylinder motor manufactures a whooping 71-horsepower and 68 feet-pounds of torque. And with the 1000 cc engine in the rear, its a rear wheel drive car. The smart cabriolet can reach speeds of 70 MPH. It’s gas tank holds approximately 8 gallons. Curb weight is just about 2,000 pounds.

The Smart actually has ample cargo room for a small city car this size and can fit a sets of golf clubs and a small overnight bag.

The smart cabriolet fulfills its slot as a micro city sports car.