the smart forfour – bigger isn’t always better

Most American’s are barely aware the smart fortwo exists. Even fewer are aware smart, GmbH has manufactured a four door sedan model besides the backbone smart forfour- not a big success

Between April 2004 and June 2006, they launched what they called the smart forfour. The smart forfour was intended to broaden smart’s Euro-market appeal and turn the company’s ledger from red ink to black. Instead, the smart forfour only made matters worse and Daimler decided to phase production of it in 2006. Not one of their smarter moves.

The smart forfour was produced at the NedCar factory in the Netherlands in conjunction with Mitsubishi Motors. The smart Forfour shared most of its components with the 2003 Mitsubishi Colt.

In 2005 they made a Brabus-prepared sports version. It was powered by a turbocharged Mitsubishi 4G15 engine, developing 174 hp. A lot of horse power for the diminutive four door sedan.

The smart forfour was to be sold in the United States along with the something they planned on christening the Smart Formore SUV.

Rumor has it smart GmbH, parent Daimler AG is going back to the future. European sources say Smart is planning a 4-door, four-passenger hatchback to supplement its teeny 2-door, two-passenger ForTwo coupe and convertible.

With Daimler AG track record for on again off chatter about new smart brands I’d be very surprised if we ever see the smart forfour on our highways. The new Forfour seems a intelligent idea. But Daimler thought that when they first manufactured it.

I drove a Smart Forfour while in Europe. It was a nice driving typical European minicar type car. The Forfour felt right for the tiny roads of Europe.

Was reasonably roomy and comfortable, and the driver’s elevated seat offered a great view of the road. The rear seat slide back and forth several inches, allowing you to choose adult-rated legroom or reasonable luggage space.

Not a bad car, but when you got right down to it you were really driving a Mitsubishi Colt.

Smart suspended production on the smart forfour to development their smart Formore a small SUV, this SUV smart model that was to be the first smart car available for sale in the U.S.A.