The Smart Car: Right Time – Great Idea – Smart Transportation

If you’ve noticed while watching your TV recently, the US is under attack. It’s a good attack and long overdue, but we are unquestionably under attack.

Making big waves for being such pint-sized performers, smart cars are gaining a foothold in the US, just as they have in Europe and Asia for the past several years. Forward-thinking Americans are discovering what motorists in other parts for the world have already known for nearly a decade – smart cars fuel economy is clever and  smart cars are here to stay. Perhaps of more importance – it appears they are here for the long term.

Let’s explore the whole idea of the smart car. Here’s what other people have discovered that many in the US are now realizing:

You don’t have to have 2+ tons of steel and the power of 300 horses to get you where you want to go – especially in inner-city commutes. Driving from points A to B doesn’t have to be difficult or as costly – or so well-planned. Yet for years, we’ve been convinced with almost brain-washing intensity about the myth that we had to have these fast,, luxury mega-cruisers to get where we wanted to go.

Smart Car = Myth Destroyed

The smart car is small, sexy, and intelligently-powered and designed transportation. It is for people that want good, reliable transportation that doesn’t require a new mortgage to buy or drive daily.

Smart cars work their charms and function like urban champions in the inner city – that’s what the objective was from the beginning – this is what smart cars are. People are curious and intent about considering this class of cars because their coming has been long overdue.

The purpose of the smart car – from its conception – was to be a wise choice for the intelligent driving consumer to be able to make quick, short, point-to-point trips. It was conceived and born to efficiently operate at 33 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway.

And it achieves all this while being ultra-easy to drive and park in yesteryear’s spaces that can accommodate up to 3 smart cars of most designs.

Breaking the land speed record was never even a passing consideration – neither was putting in mink interiors.