Enthusiasm Meets Intensity

The smart passion offers drivers the complete package and is smarts most elegant and comfortable model. This model has it all; it combines one of a kind design with features that are typically found on only the most expensive luxury cars. It is available in a coupe or cabriolet model. For those that are not careful, this car has a way of becoming an obsession.

Renowned Performance

For people who insist on driving only the best, you want a Brabus. Even the harshest critics agree that the Brabus is the cream of the crop! The 2012 Brabus has all the features that people have come to expect from cars manufactured by Brabus.

Brabus of Germany is a high-performance aftermarket tuning company which specializes in Mercedes-Benz, smart and Maybach vehicles.

The smart Brabus is a limited edition vehicle which has been specifically designed for city driving. This model has a flashy, sporty exterior and offers the most luxurious and comfortable interior found on the market today. The Brabus looks fabulous parked in front of your home as well as traveling through traffic.

Smart BRABUS – Super Stylish Inner City Performer

Like most stars in any kind of performing arts, the BRABUS is the smart fortwo headliner. This is the model with first class – everything. Its high fashion good lucks place it at the top of the smart line in performance, looks and presence.

If it looks like a star, this is because it is. And as good as it looks in the showroom, it is also a stylish intercity commuter once it is turned loose in an urban setting. This is the natural habitat of the BRABUS. An intelligent inter-city cruiser already, this kicks the presence up even more and it looks the part of an accomplished commuter.

The smart BRABUS is a joint venture between smart and BRABUS that represents the ultimate in a smart fortwo. The BRABUS engineers and designers focused on both the aesthetics and the styling appointments to create this super urban cruiser.

This is the most luxuriously appointed fortwo model. The BRABUS convertible and coupe models offer heated leather front seats, keyless entry/ignition systems, a six-speaker stereo system and other luxury amenities.

Performance looks on the BRABUS are boosted with the addition of sportier exhaust tuning, and enhanced chassis and suspension components that were developed especially for the smart fortwo.

Also added are sportier, large alloy wheels and effective aerodynamic elements designed to make this intelligent commuter look more like a commuting bully. All the extras are tailored and perfectly coordinated to produce for both sportier performance and appearance.

Added to the exciting styling on the BRABUS model, are design elements in high-quality materials including: leather, brushed aluminum and stainless steel.

The BRABUS coupe and cabriolet are the only models available in some super-stylish color combinations which include a black/black or silver/silver. Quality and attention to all of the high fashion details are apparent when viewing any component of the smart fortwo BRABUS.

Both Canadian and American versions of the BRABUS come with the standard 70 HP engine found in other fortwo models for continuity of service and performance.