BRABUS smart

Mercedes-Benz’s derivative smart, GmbH and BRABUS the German born car tuning company established a mutual enterprise for the creation of a stylish and sporty collection of clever motor vehicles.

A decade aftSmart ForTwo Nightorangeerwards and over 50,000 individualized smart cars later, both manufacturers are commemorating the landmark with the creation of a brand new exclusive edition version of the smart fortwo that is going to be restricted to 100 models globally.

Smart is recognized for producing the unbelievably tiny, under powered urban smart fortwo; while BRABUS is famous for transforming a prudent and practical Mercedes-Benz into wheel spinning speedy vehicle with power plants producing over 800hp and some of the most expensive cars in the world.

Cleverly named 10th Anniversary Fortwo Edition it is based upon the present Smart BRABUS fortwo model. This exclusive edition production model comes with a 101hp turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline powerplant which offers a top rated speed of 96 mph along with a zero to 60 mph acceleration time of just under 9 seconds.

This 10th Anniversary Fortwo Edition will be created with exclusive edition branding and several additional features to really make it feel and look unique.

The car’s tridion safety cell, bodypanels such as the front grill and door mirrors are coated in liquefied silver, as well as the front spoiler and side skirts in the design bundle.

Distinctive red-colored trim illustrates the hand-stitched black color leather-based insides, while the trim components are painted red and passengers get heated up seating. The 10th Anniversary Fortwo Edition features a special BRABUS flat bottom steering wheel, a starter press button incorporated within the shifter lever knob in addition to a 10th Anniversary logo design with the car’s serial number to complete the appearance.

Other functions range from the titanium-colored headlamp bezels, the reddish colored BRABUS company logos at the front and rear end of the smart, as well as the unique aluminum alloy wheels in matte-gray using a red pinstripe complete the design.

Conventional options range from the convenience and light packages, power steering, LED day time operating lighting, as well as audio and course-plotting system.

Even though a restricted amount of BRABUS equipped fortwo’s showed up here in 2009, none of these 10th Anniversary Fortwo Edition’s will be available state side.

Beginning this current year consumers within the U.S. and China are able to customize their smart vehicles via the Tailor Made program.

With well over 10,000 BRABUS smart tuned vehicles bought in 2011 smart, GmbH and BRABUS have verified that the alliance will continue on for many years.

The prices for the 10th Anniversary Fortwo Edition BRABUS have not yet been released.