Smart Cars – More Than Good Looks – In a Small City Car

Is the smart car for everyone? No, of course not – but it will fit the bill for millions of urban city drivers that don’t need to take the kids to scorer practices or transport a family in a typical four door sedan.

The Smart car is a car that has everyone’s attention because it is a small car that is great for driving around the city and makes parallel parking a dream come true. Unlike some other car manufacturers, it is also extremely affordable, which is why more and more of these are popping up in cities all over the country.

Drivers everywhere, are starting to appreciate that the price tag for a clever city car doesn’t have to break the bank.

Choices are limited to two models, the smart pure and passion, but your fun factor is endless.

The smart fortwo pure coupe (available only as a coupe) is produced to get you and the occasional passenger to your urban destination, safely and economically. This smart car focuses on shrewdness in both function and brabus

The smart Pure Coupe is short on luxury features many of us expect from a car these days.

The smart fortwo pure model comes with a 5-speed automated manual with manual or automatic mode, a remote locking system, leather steering wheel, manual windows, electronic stability program, anti-lock braking system, and eight airbags, including full size driver and passenger airbags, window airbags, side airbags, kneebolster airbags, fabric interior, outside temperature indicator and a few other features.

In addition to the Pure, there is the smart fortwo Passion Coupe, which is the sportier and more well appointed version of the smart car. This higher-end model of the smart car is available in a coupe and Cabriolet, (convertible) so it is prepared for whatever quantity of enjoyment you desire. The smart car passion integrates all of the amenities you’d require in larger, more expensive vehicle.

With plenty of standard features that offers everything you need and numerous options for anything you could ever want. The smart passion comes equipped with standard features that include:

The smart fortwo Cabriolet model allows you to remove a few panels, push a few buttons and completely go topless in a hurry.

There is also the smart fortwo Brabus, which in Europe, has a higher performing tuned engine than either the pure or passion (70hp) at 102 hp as well as the sports exhaust on the rear apron. It’s got a spoiler in the front, projection headlamps and a great sports suspension that helps the car maneuver a little bit better around the turns. It’s also packed with a little more luxury, including leather seats and a high tech instrument panel.

These smart fortwo cars are smart in every aspect of the name. They’re intelligently priced, knowing that people are more likely to buy a smaller car when there’s a smaller price tag attached to them.

Many cars on the market today cost twice as much as these models and don’t contain half as much of the features. Anyone who’s looking for a little more luxury can add various additional packages to get a better sound system, leather features and more.

Plus all models come standard with a ton of safety features you can‘t find in any car at any price.

While there may not be room for a lot of people to drive around in the smart car, it’s extremely helpful with the environment, giving you the lower emissions to lower your carbon footprint and helping you save money – both on the cost of the car and the amount of gas you need to feed the car from week to week so that it will take you everywhere you want to go.