The Smart Pure Coupe is one of the few cars that are considered “green” because of fuel efficiency as well as small enough to park virtually everywhere. If you cringe every time you have to parallel park, the answer does not lie within buying an overpriced car that parallel parks for you – it’s buying a Smart car.

Everyone says they want a smart car, so there’s no smarter car on the market than a car that is literally a Smart car – particularly the Smart Pure Coupe. It is small enough to part virtually everywhere and it is comfortable enough to drive around town or take on longer trips. It is available in manual or automatic mode and comes with a number of different features.

Many people view the Smart car as a car that won’t actually get up to proper speeds, though this is entirely a myth. The Smart Pure Coupe will be able to get up to any speeds that are legal in the United States – it will reach a maximum speed of 90 mph. That is a pretty fast car compared to anything that’s out on the market.

The Smart Pure Coupe is also filled with safety features, despite the small stature of the car. There are kneebolster, side and window airbags, antilock brakes, and an electronic stability program called esp. There is also the Tridion safety cell which has been especially developed for the Smart fortwo cars to help with the crash compatibility with larger cars.

There is a lockable glove compartment, a central locking system that comes with a remote, a coin holder, a leather steering wheel and much more, giving you all you could ask for in a car. The Smart Pure Coupe is also extremely affordable, which is why more of these cars are popping up on the road each and every year.

In today’s economy, an affordable car is very important. The Smart Pure Coupe doesn’t just have a smart price sticker. It’s also got smart fuel economy, which means fewer trips to the gas station every week. Around the city it gets 33 mpg and on the highways, drivers can experience 41 mpg. Gas is expensive, but when you drive the right car, it doesn’t have to be.

There are many different options that can be added to the Smart Pure Coupe as well. This includes a better sound system, leather interior and even the option to make it a convertible, which means shopping it as a Cabriolet. Small doesn’t mean inferior. There are a lot of reasons to drive the Smart Pure Coupe simply because it’s the smartest choice on the market in its price range, which is reason enough for many.