2016 smartsSmart car owners will have the ability to match up their vehicle with their wardrobe – along with other things. Daimler and smart GmbH are  updating the Smart Fortwo for 2016, which is available now.

2016’s Smart vehicle will include a fresh new design, with dignified front and back aprons, an impressive front grill, and side treatment meant to make the Smart Fortwo appear to be much more husky. Offered either an electric or gas-driven power train.

For the more fashionable Smart car enthusiast, the reports get better.

Smart GmbH has consistently provided shoppers with a good variety of exciting colors, combined with a large selection of personalized paint choices. For 2016, Smart Car owners will have even more available features such as the leather interior and color trim in the door panels, audio systems, and instrument cluster.

Consumers may also have their Smart car with an entire body wrap covering the vehicle. Many-many choices are offered. As stated by Daimler, they will be able to match up any color, and the choices are only limited by their imagination.

Itching for a “New Look”, the outside panels may be replaced  for around $800 USD.

Smart owners will need to bring their Smart vehicle in to a dealer to switch the panels. That customization comes with a price…  depending on the customers desire.

How about a short-term change with custom-made wraps – basically, a large sticker label that covers the vehicle’s outside. Buyers frequently create them for marriage ceremonies along with other special events.

Unlike a painted metal body, the Smart features a Tridon metal security cell. The body is a superior-quality plastic material with the color as part of the mold. Ideal for urban parking where door dings and bumps while parked is a typical problems for standard vehicles.

SmartForTwo Brabus=b2016 Smart BRABUS

2016 Smart vehicle BRABUS has a sporty package deal that offers a “Deep-throat” exhaust, side-skirt options, tight suspensions, with customized metal wheels Inside… BRABUS offers unique pedals, floor mats, and colored natural leather seating.

Think Fashion… Think Smart…