top goes down= fun goes upIf you haven’t already noticed or someday in your near future you will notice a parade of glowing blue and white smart car city vehicles negotiating the streets near you? What your seeing is actually a new program from Car2go, a division of Daimler. It is car-sharing rental program on an hourly basis.

This flexible and inexpensive alternative for people living in metropolitan areas and only need a car for a short period to get from point A to point B without having to use public transit. This kind of car-sharing is likely to increase significantly in the future as fuel prices {currently low now} will rise and along with the increased cost of car-maintenance.

Car2go offers a cutting-edge mode of instantly providing transportation. This new type of service is perfectly suited for certain urban areas. The role is to augment in-place,  public transit alternatives, by offering an option… many refer to this as the “first and last mile” of a public transit  commute.

Car2Go is currently in business in Austin, Texas their very first U.S. location. Last November Car2Go introduced the world’s most significant all-electric vehicle cars-haring network in San Diego, California and already has more than 6,000 users. Since the roll-out of car2go, the electric car community in San Diego has erupted significantly to just about 7,000 electric vehicle customers, making San Diego among the leading metropolitan areas on the planet for electric powered automobiles.

Car2Go has launched car-sharing plans in Washington, D.C., Portland, Minneapolis, Austin, Miami and check where you live to see if you have the service available…

These vehicles are members of North America’s very first electric powered vehicle sharing community called Car2go. Initial introduced in Europe several years ago they now have their eyes on the USA prize. Car2Go was certainly one of initial companies to cater specifically to over congested metropolitan urban centers and net-savvy metropolitan drivers, providing vehicles to rent on an hourly basis, which can be located within the metropolitan areas they currently support.

Car2go is actually a member structured program. To participate there’s a small fee. Right after enrollment you’ll receive a regular membership card which will activate any Car2go merely by swiping it up against the car’s windscreen.

Car2Go makes it simple to find a vehicle practically anywhere within the Car2go metropolitan region. You can find smart cars using a smart phone application, through the Car2go car locator on the Car2go internet site, by phoning the customer contact center, or simply just by locating a readily available car in your neighborhood.

In contrast to traditional car-sharing, Car2go members are able to start their rental in an instant or order a smart car 24 hours ahead of time without the need to a compulsory return time or specific location. Members may use the cars for as long as they would like and pay only for the time they use.Re-charging and maintenance are included at no additional cost, and there are no annual fees.

There aren’t any security deposits, month-to-month service fees or costs to order a car. Quite a few participants are finding they are able to skip the problems of vehicle ownership or traditional vehicle rental.

portlandCar2go participants are accountable for all processing expenses associated with damage that they may be responsible, for example severe soiling of the car2go, driving violations, and infractions of your valid terms and conditions.

Car2go is a totally owned and operated part of Daimler provides an revolutionary people moving alternative redefining personal transportation in rapidly expanding metropolitan areas by providing a multi-level system of thousands of environment-friendly smart car city motor vehicles for short term rental.

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