Alternative smart cars are here – to stay

Smart-ev-ForSpeedThere’s a very good reason why Jennifer Lopez is doing her sexy spot for the latest entry to market – the Fiat 500.

And she’s highly convincing while driving the pint-sized, sexy minicar through Brooklyn – of all places. She looks like she’s having a blast doing it.

The car “fits” her and JLo is a smart, shrewd cookie when it comes to endorsements.

If she didn’t truly believe smart cars were fun, sexy and stylish – she wouldn’t be a spokesperson for Fiat.

After all, she does have a few million fans that are of the younger generation. If it wasn’t cool – she simply would not be doing spots for them. There’s too much other stuff she could sell – very well.

Smart cars are here …

And it appears they are here to stay and impact the subcompact, urban commuter market in a big way. This is one of those things we always knew was badly needed and everyone seemed to look the other way. There was always a demand for this kind of car in the US, but manufacturers couldn’t remove their gazes from the sexy, fast, stylish – high dollar – market.

Global gas availability and prices forced a new paradigm. …

If you like the idea of serious inner-city commuting that’s downright thrifty and uncomplicated, you are starting to have some seriously good options for smart cars.

The smart fortwo has been a pioneer and was one of the first entries to market. This company (smart) operates under the powerful Daimler auto engineering and manufacturing umbrella. It has been developing a healthy market in the US since just after the mid-2000s.

Other entries may have a direct impact on how much more market the smart can gain. As already mentioned, Fiat has a powerful new model to the smart market with its 500 series.

The Chevrolet Aveo and Honda Fit also compete in the same market as the smart fortwo and Fiat 500. In a market that was virtually non-existent less than a decade ago, this one is starting to heat-up.

Look for more model entries with even sexier, better-engineered and styled interiors, exteriors and drive trains. The beneficiaries of all this will be the cost-conscious, smart consumer who will have a car of the same namesake.

Smart cars are indeed attracting smart consumers. The market is just heating-up.