Smart fortwo cars with smart prices should get your attention if you have been considering a smart car, an electric car, or a more fuel efficient car as an alternative to your present vehicle.

Gas prices have dropped back to around $2.+ a gallon but we all know that gas prices will be heading back up.

Evan with gas prices low it;s still a perfect time to get into a fuel efficient car that will not cost you a fortune.

Some people think that they may have to pay more for leasing a newer, fuel-efficient smart car or electric vehicle because of all the research and development costs. This is just not the case.

You may qualify for a smart car lease for as little as $99 a month. One of the best deals is the Smart Pure. There are deals for as little is $995 down and $99 a month for a three year lease. The selling price varies depending on options, however this is an inexpensive way to see if the Smart Pure lives up to its claims.

Designed for two… with plenty of room for luggage and gear, the Pure coupe, with its  five speed transmission, is one of the most gas thrifty (35+ MPG highway) cars on the road.

leasing vs buyingThe smart car has more accessories than expected. Accessories include AC, iPod docking station with GPS navigation, and much more. This smart car is built with safety as a first consideration, with five sets of air bags that protect every part of you from all directions.

The color schemes can be mixed and matched to fit your personal style and custom schemes can be ordered. Great idea, making it easy for you to change colors with replacement panels, makes it easy.

Just because the Pure is small and the entry level model, that there is no room and no power. A very responsive, high powered engine  delivers all the speed you need for highway commutes and short jaunts around town.

Everything about the Smart pure is “eco-friendly”. It’s built with more recyclable material than any other car on the road. You know this was a head-turner when you saw the first one on the road. Now it’s your turn to get attention with a $99 a month lease that is unbeatable.

If you want to try out a smart car and are sold on an eco-friendly automobile of the future, this is the right time to get yours at the lowest price you can find. Convertible models and the new electric models will lease for more.

Smart Looks, style, with a price that cannot be beat can be yours… act now.